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Learn How To Vocal Play 
Playing with vocal color is something we all know how to do when we're born. We shout, whisper and use silly voices to advance the story we're telling our friends. 

By the time we're adults, this vocal simplicity has been coaxed out of us by well-meaning parents and society who are constantly trying to have us fit in. But that lack of vocal color and variety are what make speeches, interviews and sales pitches BORING. It puts us all to sleep.

In this FREE Mini-Course you'll learn how reawaken your inner child and get back on the vocal playground so you can speak with confidence and sound like THE authority.
The Power Of Breath
Ever feel that squeeze on your throat when you're speaking? You come to the end of a phrase and the words are lost as you fizzle out at the end of each line. You've run out of breath.

The breath is your is your voice's fuel. Without it, a presentation can fall flat. 

In this mini-course you'll learn how to free your voice so that you speak with resonance and power. 

BONUS:  Using the voice in this new way while speaking will almost feel like a joyful meditation that will calm your nerves and get those butterflies all flying in the same direction.
Speak Like A Pro!
If you're reading this then you may not have realized how the sound of your voice may be affecting your business. (That's ok... in this FREE mini-course, you'll learn what how to change what your voice is saying about you).

Maybe you've dabbled in Toastmasters or similar speaker training. You've been told to speak louder, use more energy, have more character all in an effort to sound professional and look the part. But you still don't know HOW to do what they've asked except to push, squeeze, and blindly move your voice a couple notches.

If you've been looking for some simple, easy-to-follow training that explains how to physically change your voice, then this mini-course is exactly for you.

Remember, a well-tuned voice will transform your business confidence. This FREE mini-course will help you do exactly that.
Give Confidence.
Get Confidence.
Here's the thing, it's human nature to make judgements on everything we see and HEAR.  Believe me when I say that people are judging the sounds coming out of your mouth. 

When you sound small, shaky and speak with hesitation, it doesn't make your listener feel confident in you. You have to GIVE confidence to GET their confidence in you. And that starts with your voice.

So, is there a simple step-by-step guide that just explains how to sound confident without faking it? 

Yes. Within the FREE mini-course you'll learn the essentials of speaking with confidence so that when someone hears you, they'll have confidence in you because you showed up confidently to them.
Beyond The Basics
So you've followed the FREE mini-course and you've got a voice that sounds confident.

What next?

Inside the mini-course you will learn how to show up with a more confident voice at networking events, on sales calls and more so your audience has confidence in buying from you!
Dedicated Facebook Group.
Everyone who has access to the FREE MINI-COURSE also becomes part of the Speak Out LOUD! Facebook Group.

Everyone in the group has completed the mini-course so you can be sure everyone has at least the same core knowledge.

Get help and support within the group by sharing ideas on where to show up with your confident voice and other inspirations.
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